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Legislators comments in reference to the Senate Health bill BCRA released 6/22/17

The following individuals could not attend the press conference but submitted statements:

Senator Tom Saviello, Wilton, urging opposition to the Senate bill:

“Health care for all is essential if we are gong to maintain a vibrant, economic thriving country. Preventive medical treatments alone will save millions of dollars. Money that could be spent elsewhere in our business community.”

State Representative Patricia Hymanson, MD, of York, Retired Neurologist:

“Many Mainers will be sicker if the rumors about the Senate health care plan are even partly real. With an older population, we have high health care costs compared to other states, pre-existing illnesses that need coverage, an unmet need for substance use disorder treatment and neonatal abstinence syndrome, an infant mortality rate higher than the national rate and a high rate of uninsured children already (Maine Kids Count 2017).

Good health is fundamental to a life well lived so the worry generated by such uncertainty about our health care plan can not be overstated. Senator Collins and Senator King can not vote to support a plan they have not thoroughly vetted and does damage to Mainers. We are counting on them.”

State Representative Anne Perry, of Calais, Nurse Practitioner:

“The proposed broader Medicaid Reform and the AHCA tax credit substitute will adversely affect access to health care in rural Maine who has an older and poorer population, leaving insurance unaffordable to the older adult and families.  This also jeopardizes the survivability of our Critical Access Hospitals who are required to provide care regardless of ability to pay.”

Analysis of the original draft of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) passed by the U.S. House of Representatives shows that 23 million Americans would lose coverage if the bill was signed into law. Changes to subsidies and tax credits under this bill would result in increased costs for Mainers on all ends of the state.

Sam Zager, MD Congressional testimony
Capitol Hill – March 16, 2017
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