Press Conference Announced

Who: Maine Providers Standing Up for Health care – an advocacy group organized to inform and influence healthcare policy based on our vast experience caring for the people of Maine.

What: Press conference with physicians, nurses and consumers.

When: June 23, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Where: Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) Family Residency Clinic
76 High Street, Lewiston:
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Why: The purpose of this press conference is to
Give voice from Maine Providers Standing Up for Healthcare: Calls on Senator Susan Collins to vote AGAINST any healthcare bill that reduces the number of Mainers with health insurance.

Sam Zager, MD (Portland)
Elizabeth Rothe, MD (Lewiston)
Jaime Johnson, RN  (Norway)
Representative Anne Perry, NP (Calais)
Representative Patricia Hymanson, MD (York)
Juliana L’Heureux, RN (Topsham)